Do you feel you need a reset? Do you enjoy Ayurvedic oil massage? Are you looking for a therapy to relieve muscles pain and to release tensions in the body? Kalari Nadi Massage (Uzichils) is what you are looking for.

Our massages consist in long and fast strokes that follow the nadi lines (energy channels) with deep pressure. Oils play an important role in the treatment. We use a mix of Ayurvedic or Kalaripayattu oils (coconut and sesame base) known for their uncountable beneficial properties and apply it on the whole body.

Originally designed for martial artists, Kalari Nadi Massages are very effective for sportspeople who need to release tightness in their muscles. The main aim of this kind of massage is to stretch the Nadis to allow proper Prana flow in the whole body. As in other traditional medicines, we consider that ailments and diseases are related to an incorrect circulation of energy, this is why resetting this flow is our main concern.

Kalari Nadis Massages are holistic treatments that encourage self-balance of the body. They are not only working on muscles, tendons, joints and tissues, but also on the vascular, lymphatic and nervous system.

Kalari Nadis Massages can fix a lot of issues when they are associated to a relevant Marma Chikitsa (Treatment via pressure on vital spots). Marma Therapy is the most advanced stage of Kalari healing art and should only be done by qualified therapists under the supervision of an experienced Gurukkal (Kalari Master).

Oli offers 3 different types of Kalari Nadi Massage :

→ standing massage: originally designed to treat practitioners injured in a fight, this massage can be performed in many situations, because the receiver is in a standing pose during the whole massage. It is a short set (45 minutes / 1 hour), and appropriate if you need to go back to your active life after the massage. It is a full body treatment and provides the receiver with a feeling of lightness and dynamic awareness.

lying down massage: this massage is performed on a mattress placed on the floor (traditionally in the Kalari pit) which allows the massage therapist to give deep and fast strokes as he stands in low and grounded Kalari stances. Duration is above 1:30 hour; after the treatment, the receiver will feel deeply relaxed, enjoying looseness and softness of the body. It is recommended not to make physical effort after receiving this massage. This is because its effects continue for at least 24 hours and also because the body needs time and rest to readjust after the impulsion given during the Kalari Nadi Massage.

local massage: Kalari Nadi Massage is composed by a set of various strokes that cover specifics nadis and aim at releasing tensions in a specific part of the body. This technique can be used to fix local issues such as neck or back pain, tennis elbow, knees inflammation or hamstring tightness. Duration and oil type vary according to the receiver’s needs.