Olivier Durillon discovered Kalaripayattu when he went to India in search of a traditional practice that could complete his training in martial arts. Having practiced different types of martial arts since 1990, he felt the need to go deeper towards an holistic approach to the practice.

Kalarippayatu was a revelation. Since the first time he stepped in the kalari (Kalaripayattu traditional practice space), he was impressed by the pure and universal structure of this comprehensive discipline. Its archetypal principles and clear, amplified forms offered a completely new perspective; moreover, the associated healing system was exactly the missing link he was looking for.

Certified at Kerala Kalarippayatu Academy, Oli is a Kalari instructor, trainer, massage therapist and performer who has trained students across Europe and Asia since 2010. In his teachings he brings in his wide experience as a martial art practitioner & teacher, a long practice as a massage therapist and energy healer.

He also offers a different perspective about the practice nourished by his interest in esoteric studies, traditional medicine (European, Indian, Chinese) and their connection with modern physiology and anatomy. With a passion for all arts of movement, Oli is also trained in Circus, Yoga and Acroyoga, and adapts the practice according to his students’ needs and expectations.